Our company aims

Up to 11 aims to “look after the little guy” by providing an event promotion and production service aiming to be a one stop shop for big and small artists alike. Up to 11 aims to be the best at developing a local bands following, with support for mental health within the music industry at our core.

Who are we?

We are founded at the beginning of 2020 after an idea developing over multiple years. In March 2020 Coronavirus stopped the industry in its tracks as well as our developing business. The industry has been massively damaged during this time because of the pandemic and we wanted to show that the music industry will never stop, events will return and be bigger than ever, it’s going to get loud.

I am a musician and want to get involved

Please do get involved! We offer unrivalled incentives for musicians and repeat customers, contact us and find out today.

Services we provide

- Full talent management

- Full event planning and production

- A network of experienced Technicians

- Merchandise management

- Venue Liaison

- Rehearsal spaces for artists

- Advertising for artists

- Ticketing

- Catering options

- Mental health support for musicians and artists

- And more!