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Who are Help Muscians?

Help Musicians is an independent charity, with an extraordinary history. For nearly 100 years, it has provided a broad spectrum of help, support and opportunities to empower musicians aged 18+, at any stage of their career, from times of great need to times of opportunity, providing a lifetime of support when it is needed most.


The charity is uniquely placed to take a personalised approach with each individual supported, through its integrated programme that offers Creative Development and Health & Welfare services. Help Musicians aims to make a meaningful difference to the lives of even more musicians.

Why did Up to 11 choose Help Muscians?

Music is an incredibly wonderful part of life. It’s everywhere, from the roar of concerts and festivals to the quiet of everyday life, the runner pounding the pavement to the beat, the driver singing along in the car. Music brings joy to so many and yet it can be incredibly hard on those who produce it as they navigate the industry and the highs and lows of a career. We at Up to 11 have pledged to support our artists while they create their music by being a friendly face and offering support where an artist may need it most.

We have decided to support Help Musicians due to their extraordinary reputation and long standing within the music industry. We believe that Help Musicians is perfectly placed to help more people within the live music industry than anyone else including our emerging artists. Unlike many others Help Musicians offer ongoing support rather than a quick fix.