A Psytrance DJ based in Swansea, one of the fastest up and coming trance DJ's.

Artist locally based in:

Time is TBD
Cardiff, Cardiff, UK

About the Event

Kevin Lane’s life has always been immersed in music, so his eventual choice to be a DJ and record producer is unsurprising. At age 30, he began producing Psytrance and his name changed – along with his life - to Cloud, his DJ moniker. Consumed by this amazing genre, he shut the world out more or less, giving up on normal life for the next as he pursued his dream. ''I became obsessive about creating a sound that was personal to me”, he says. ''I wanted to create my own flavor, a backbone from which I could build my own subgenre of Psy.'' Two years after starting this journey, he's released through PsyWorld, Hypnotic Funktion, Monkey Forest, Boomtic, & Let It Out Records. He’s also accrued quite the growing fan-base, drawn to his very unique, ever changing Psy-vibes. From the iconic free party scene of Britain with the Psychedelic Way & in Swansea, Wales at Creature Sound, he’s dedicated to bringing you the best Psytrance experience possible. 

This is a pre-register for future discounted tickets to the show, with exlusive deals and offers from Up to 11. This event is aimed at getting Cloud playing again as soon as possible.